I Was Thinkin' That

I played a trio gig for Arby's last night.  Imagine a hotel ballroom that smelled like fast food, occupied by five hundred people trying to talk over each other, and me.

The gig was pretty good;  it was my usual guys:  Tyrone Jackson and Kevin Smith.  It didn't seem like we really clicked until about three hours into the gig.  Not that we weren't trying, but around the last four songs it felt like we'd all gotten comfortable (finally!)--the groove got better, and the pacing of the solos was a bit more relaxed.

Here's the audio.  If you listen to the first tune (Wheeler) and the last tune (Monk's Dream), and then listen to something in the middle (Beth Ann), you can maybe get an idea of how loud the crowd was.  It was like jazz with a sledgehammer.


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