10 High

Yacht Rock played the 10 High last night.  Not much to speak of…we ripped through our usual tunes at brisk tempi.  Mark Cobb was playing drums last night with particular fire (and a strange mullet--see the above picture).  We were playing very well.  Dannells in on a good streak right now.

I don't know why I'd never done it before, but last night I made a keyboard split and added the flugelhorn part in Lovely Day.  I've always played the whole thing on strings…I guess it dawned on me that I could put the horn part down at the bottom of the synth and still have enough room to play the string part.  Anyway, I was very pleased with myself for doing that.

In the first set, I failed to turn off the transmitter on my tenor microphone, and when I tried to take an alto solo, the signals cancelled each other out.  That was stupid.  I know that when the mic isn't working I should stop and fix it (nobody's hearing what I'm doing anyway), but I can never bring myself to do it.  I'm always hoping that somehow it will fix itself.  Dumb mistake.

In the second set, my EWI ran out of batteries, and I had to take all the batteries out of both sax microphone transmitters to get through the gig.  When I then had to play sax, I took the batteries back out and put them on the horn I was playing.  Confusing?  Way too much thinking.  Time to swap out all my batteries so I don't have to do this for a while.

On the second to last tune, we paused to work out a problem with the percussion.

When the gig ended I was happy to get away from them.


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