Weekend Wrap Up

First some odds and ends...

A few videos from the Turner Field show!

how about one where you can't hear me!

A few videos from last week's duo gig with Trey Wright!

On to the wrap up…

Friday night, Yacht Rock played our monthly show at the Park Tavern.  Space Capone opened for us.  Great stuff!  The band sounded really solid, and their songs are really good.  I guess they wanted to wear black suits for the show, but only the trumpet player actually owned a black suit.  The rest of them wore…they did not look good.

Our set was really good.  No problems other than a crappy tenor reed.  I'm scared to death of my equipment right now (keyboard and EWI, I should say), but everything worked fine.  That knob thing on my Fantom still comes and goes, and I'm betting that the SKB case has something to do with it.  I'm going to cut some more of the foam away and see if that helps.  My solution (when the keyboard asks me to save over and over) is to push the knobs into the board (a couple of them kind of pop into place) and up, and that seems like it fixes it, so I bet the foam is pushing them down towards the keys.

I worry a lot about my laptop overheating.  The EWI also will play itself in hot, humid conditions, but I can adjust that with the settings.  I kind of have to set it for the summer, and then reset it in the fall when conditions are cooler.

I guess it's just the nature of the Park Tavern tent and the lack of monitors, but when I jump up to play saxophone solos, it feels like my microphone isn't even on.  I worry about soloing in vain.  I guess somebody would push a vocal mic in front of me if mine was not working.

The crowd at the Park Tavern was huge, and for the most part very receptive.  Lots of singing along!

Saturday night, Yacht Rock played a private party at the Golf Club of Georgia.  My old friend Lee Shealy was working the show, setting up video screens.  I hadn't seen him in probably ten years--probably back to the days when he played keyboards in Atlanta Beat.  I was excited for him to see what we do.

The band played well for the first two sets.  Kevin Spencer filled in for Nick (attending Gina's graduation from SCAD!  Woohoo!  Check out her website here.)  We closed out the first set with Kiss You All Over…hadn't seen that one in a while!  Bencuya's phased strings were right on the money.

Andrew Gold died Friday.  I was hoping we'd hit Lonely Boy, but it didn't happen.  I wish that song was more popular in our repertoire.

The third set was a drunken disaster.  Pretty embarrassing--hopefully Lee didn't hear that part.  The gig then went into overtime!  Greeeaaaaaaaaaat…I guess they couldn't tell the difference.

The whole third set and overtime we had to fend off requests that we "pick it up."  Some amazon woman came on stage and stood next to me for about two minutes during a song, then finally bent down to ask if we would play Let's Get it Started.  Umm, no, and coming on stage to ask doesn't increase your chances.  Rich people can be a real drag.

Sunday means church gigs.  Church gig number one was ok.  I used one earbud--it definitely helped hear the guitar and the bass (and the vocals), but the mix isn't very good, so I don't think I'll go to two earbuds.  The leader played organ instead of piano, and it really threw the rest of the band off--we gotten pretty good about playing off what he's doing there.  The organ's not even in the headphones.  To top it off, we had a sub sound guy.

The band guy who asked for more money got his more money.  He and the drummer are now making fifty percent more per gig than me.

Church gig number two was in the parish hall instead of the cathedral due to a deceased air conditioner.  I think it sounded pretty good, but I (and the mixer) was buried in a corner behind the band.  Once the service started, I couldn't get out in the middle of the room to hear the mix.  I used headphones and hoped for the best.

The fingertip drummer did not use headphones and played way better.  I suggested afterwards that he try it without next week too--he matches the volume, groove, and intensity of the piano much better without them.  I guess he was trying to play to the headphone mix instead of playing with the band.

Another busy week awaits…


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