Bar Gigs, Church Gigs

I played two bar gigs on Saturday.  The first was with Uno Dos Tres Catorce (Yacht Rock playing a set of U2) at Meehan's in Sandy Springs, opening for the REMakes.  We loaded into the tent just in time for the sky to explode.  The band was trapped with just a few six packs of beer to ride out the storm.  We made the best of it…Mark Cobb bought a drum set (60s Slingerlands!  Nice!), and Bencuya told us about all the Yacht Rock live recordings he's been editing.

Because of the rain, we started a half hour late, but we blazed through our set and finished in an hour.  I think things were pretty good.

Check out how the sound man rolled his rack/mixer out front so he could mix accurately.  Impressive!  I've never seen a guy do that.

My second gig was playing saxophone and flute with the Yacht Rock Schooner at Dixie Tavern.  Another pretty good gig, though the crowd wasn't as good as the last time I played there.  Zac Brown never showed up, but Wheat Williams did.  The band sounded good!  That was a fun gig.

dig the polkadots

On to Sunday…

Church gig number one was fairly easy.  The guy who was supposed to get his raise only got half of what he was expecting.  He emailed the leader and got no response.  Big surprise, since he can check his email on his new iPad!

The church is investing a couple of thousand dollars on a V drum kit.  That's good to know.  I was worried they had no money.

Church gig number two was ok.  Nothing to report.

Busy week coming up…

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