Ashes to Ashes

I had a rare mid-week church gig tonight.  It's Ash Wednesday, and my number two church gig was asked to play the overflow service (people that couldn't fit in the cathedral were bumped over to us).  We ended up with a standing room only crowd.

The most challenging part of this gig was the mixing.  I am rarely ever in this particular room, and I was using unfamiliar sound equipment.  Plus, we were plugging into the ceiling speakers.  Weird stuff.  I think I ended up with a pretty good mix, though I had to ride the gain on a couple of the singers.  Frickin' singers! Half the time they sing with the mic at their breastbones, and half the time it's an inch from their lips!

I played flute but no saxophone on this one.  Lent is supposed to be somber, and I was reminded (once again) that that means no solos for Dave.  For some reason, this doesn't seem to apply to the frickin' singers.  Oh well…one less horn to pack up!

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