Thursday and Friday

I'm back!  I did not get on the computer at all yesterday.  I feel so out of touch!  It's like I was roughing it (except for the iPhone).

Thursday afternoon we (Yacht Rock) finally received the good news...we won three awards in Creative Loafing this year!  Readers' pick for "Best Local Overall Music Act" and "Best Cover Band," and critics' pick for "Best Excuse to Get Drunk With Your Dad."  It almost makes the photo shoot for the award worth it.  Almost.

Thursday afternoon I did a quick recording session for Mark Dannells at his house.  He has written some music to be submitted to the show Dexter, and brought me in to add some life to his synth horn parts.  The stuff sounds magnificent!  Mark Dannells is a genius.

Thursday night was Caddyshack night at the 10 High.  We showed the movie and played our usual stuff.  I only missed one entrance because I was watching the movie!  Oops.  

We dressed for the gig...mostly in golf inspired or movie inspired gear.  Mark Dannells dressed up as Carl. Awesome!

The gig started off fairly well.  There were no disasters.  I was doing fine.  We went on break, and when we came back, my playing took a nosedive.  First tune was this fine gem by Cee Lo.  I crashed on it.  I tried to add the bell thing in my right hand while playing organ with my left, and let's just say I was less than successful.  I worked on it before the gig, but I just couldn't pull it off in real time.  

From there, I just wanted to get out.  Every song had about half as much enthusiasm as the song before it, so about halfway through the set I was screwing up all over the place and hating myself/not caring at all.  I don't think I was the only one feeling this way either.  It was pretty rough.  I went home and went right to bed.  

Friday morning was the rehearsal for The Dark Side of the Rainbow.  We played through it.  It went well.  Right before I had to play The Great Gig in the Sky, I got a huge adrenaline rush and almost fainted!  Probably not, but it was pretty wired for a couple of minutes in there.

Here's what my chart looks like:

Mark Dannells went home after the gig Thursday night and learned his guitar parts.  He showed up on four hours of sleep and played the whole thing without charts.  Amazing!  I could never do that.  That's why he's the man.

I have a couple of gigs today.  We're outside today for the Main Street Exiles gig and tonight for the Chattahoochie Riverkeepers Benefit (Yacht Rock).  Here's hoping the rain holds off until I can get my gear back in the truck!

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