Full Tilt!

I did a gig last night with Full Tilt at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead, for the same people for whom I had played Sunday night.

The first set (the "dinner" set) was totally bizarre.  The keyboardist and bassist are a duo, and they would play the keyboardist's original smooth jazz tunes--the rest of the band was ignored or just expected to wander along with them.  Very strange.  The keyboardist would tell us the key, but most of the time it was not the correct key.  We finally played a standard (Wave), but they played it in C instead of D.  Fly Me to the Moon was on the setlist, and when we got to it, the bass player didn't play anything--the keyboardist played left hand bass.  It was a very frustrating hour and a half.  Lots of glissandi.  Bad news.

After we came back from the break, we went into the dance set, and things were much more normal.  What a relief!  I don't think I could have taken another hour of dinner music.

Here a few more Reagan Rock prom pictures from last weekend.


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