Broken Bottle NIght

Last night's 10 High gig seemed like Broken Bottle night...lots of glass on the floor (in the restroom, around the bar, you name it).  No fights, though!

Here's my latest disaster...yesterday I set my rig up to practice before the gig, and all of the sudden my new laptop would not run my old version (7.1!!!) of Logic.  What the hell!  It worked fine at rehearsal Wednesday morning, so I was freaking out.  I uninstalled Logic and reinstalled it, but still no dice.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out what had gone wrong, so I grabbed my old laptop (which, by the way, has not flipped out in over a month, which either means that not turning it off is the solution, or it's fixing to erupt again) and headed out the door.

In the back of my head, I spent the whole night wondering why it suddenly would not function.  There's obviously a compatibility issue (the program is so old and the OS is so new, I have to force quit Logic to get out of it), but it's always been ok.  It dawned on me on the way home that I'd run the software update, and it must have changed things enough that now the compatibility problem cannot be bridged.  It's officially time to upgrade to the newest version of Logic.  To the Apple store I go!

Other than that, it was a pretty good night.  It's hard to say whether the crowd was uninspiring, or we were concentrating really hard.  I think we all played pretty well, but it didn't feel like we were having a great time.  Perhaps some of this was due to Ganesh Giri Jaya playing drums (Mark Cobb is taking some time off from the 10 High).  We're playing some of the songs for next weekend's big show, and we're all trying to get the stuff right.

The first song of the night was the theme to The Love Boat, and I could not remember the string part on the verses at all.  I was scared to death of it as we walked on stage.  Once we began, it all came right out of me, and I got all most all of it right.  Why is that?  Two minutes earlier I could not have sung it, but we started playing and my hands and ears just filled in the blanks.  It's funny how that works.  All this stuff is in my head.  I just need to shut up and let it come out.

We played I Keep Forgettin' for the first time in a while...that's one of my favorites because I get the rhodes part (Bencuya plays the clav part), so I'm right there in the meat of the song.  I got it right--a couple of little finger flubs, but I got it.  That's a cool feeling.

I've got a ton of stuff to do before Monday morning.  Wish me luck (and sleep).

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