Yacht Rock conquered Spinnaker last night in Panama City Beach.  The gig could not have gone better.  Kenny, the sound guy, was terrific, the crowd was good, the weather was nice, the load in/out was easy.  I dug it.  We played from 11 PM til 3 AM.  It sounds worse than it was.  I sweated more than I'd ever sweated on a gig.  By the end of the night, the leather pad on my neckstrap was spongy squishy wet.

Other than the bridge to Baby Come Back and a hiccup in Stayin' Alive, things went well for me personally.  The sound guy bumped me up so loud on a couple of sax solos, I'm sure I was heard in Tampa!  I dug it.  I sat in the dark (no light on my part of the stage), but I'd trade that any day for a sound guy that was paying attention.


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