The Night Belongs to Andrew Gold

Dear Andrew Gold,

Today I played two gigs.  The first was a Please Pleaserock Me/Yacht Rock Revue at the Dunwoody Beer Festival.  Just like last year, we had to deal with some on again/off again rain, but the crowd dug our stuff and we dug the crowd.  It was super hot and muggy.  I did my best to stay hydrated.  About the only problem I can think of is that I couldn't see if some of the lights were lit up on the side of the EWI.  Outdoor gigs are like that.
Here's the pile of gear I took with me:

After that, I boogied up to Suwanee to play with the Yacht Rock Schooner at the Wild Wing Cafe.  It was there that I performed your hit song Lonely Boy (I played the piano part) to the best of my ability, and if I do say so myself, I nailed it.  I am sure you would have dug my playing on that tune--Bencuya, G Lee, and Kevin Spencer noted my skills.
The performance was one of my greatest musical accomplishments;  I felt like I should have taken a victory lap around the bar draped in an American flag.
From there on, it was normal Yacht Rock stuff, but excruciatingly loud.  It sounded like this picture of me looks:

You get the idea.
Anyway, thanks for the tune.  I hope to play it again soon (before I forget it).


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