A Long Time Coming

It's been a week since my last post, faithful reader(s?), so please accept my apologies.  I have been super busy.

Here are the highlights:

Monday, April 26, I did a four hour trio gig with Louis Heriveaux (keyboard) and Kevin Smith (bass).  We were on the patio outside of Opera (DJ was inside).  Unfortunately for us, that meant that we played the smoking section of the gig under and open-sided tent!  Yuck.  It was also a cool spring evening in Atlanta, so I had some pitch problems and Louis' hands got cold.  Here's the audio evidence:

Forty-five minutes from the end of the gig, the client came by and extended us another hour.  Ouch!  We were on fumes by then.  Listening back, there's some good playing, though.  Other than pitch, the other problem we had was that the crowd liked to talk to us, sometimes during songs.  We were appreciative of the fact that they were listening (and loved what they heard), but come on!

Tuesday, April 27, Yacht Rock played a Roller Disco Party at Masquerade.  We pulled out all the BeeGees stuff and a few other disco-oriented gems.  We played and all the twenty-somethings rollerskated in tight shorts and high tube socks.  It was pretty cool.  I liked this gig a lot.  Some pictures:

Wednesday, April 28, Please Pleaserock Me played at Smith's Olde Bar.  We had an ok turn out.  I'm not sure why this one hasn't taken off quicker.  People who hear us love it and they know it's the Yacht Rock guys, but the massive crowds have not shown themselves as of yet.  We played pretty well.

Thursday, April 29 through Monday, May 3, Yacht Rock was on the Kid Rock "Chillin' the Most" cruise. Similar to the Rock Boat, it was lots of hanging out and drinking.  We played two one hour sets over those five days.  The destination was supposed to be Grand Cayman, but we ended up going to Nassau, Bahamas, instead due to weather.
I can't say that I really dug any of the bands on the boat.  It was a mix of heavy metal and rap/rock--not my thing.  The crowd was a mix of older biker chicks (dark tans, lots of tattoos), strippers, a few confirmed porn stars, and men to match.  Not my crowd, either.
Here are some pictures:
It's worth watching the video made by all bands on board to thank Kid Rock and Sixth Man (the organizers of the cruise).  We're the last thing on there.  It's worth watching.  Do it for me.

Monday, May 3, Yacht Rock and Please Pleaserock Me played 500 Songs for Kids at Smith's Olde Bar.  For the Beatles, we played Hard Days Night.  I contributed cowbell on the bridge, and played it very well if I do say so myself.   For Yacht Rock, we ended up selecting November Rain.  I was given the task of playing the string part.  I was terrible.  Do you hear me?  TERRIBLE.  Easily my worst performance with Yacht Rock in well over a year.  I severely embarrassed myself, so when the gig was over, I threw my keyboard in the case and ran out the back door.  I really hated myself that night.

Tuesday, May 4, Yacht Rock played a private party at Peachtree Tavern.  I redeemed myself.  Everything went well.  Ganesh Giri Jaya subbed for Nick.  We were all very smooth.  Pete, Dannells, and Cobb helped me load out.  Dannells said something like "We don't want to leave you here!"

Wednesday, May 5, I played a trio gig with Louis Heriveaux (keyboard) and Kevin Smith (bass).  Kevin showed up really late--five minutes before the doors were to open (instead of the hour before like I'd asked).  I can't believe that he continues to screw up this much.  Pretty soon I will be at the point where I can't use him anymore and it won't be because of his playing--it'll be because he can't get his ass out the door at the right time.  I don't think he realizes that when the client is standing there asking me if we're ready to go, he's making me look really bad.
Anyway, mp3s will follow in a forthcoming blog post.  I have yet to edit them.

Thursday, May 6 was the return of Yacht Rock to the 10 High.  We had a terrific crowd which inspired me.  I played a couple of really good solos, probably because I got a chance to play that afternoon.  It really makes a difference!  Kevin Spencer subbed for Nick and Ganesh subbed for Cobb.  This was one of the best gigs I've ever heard Ganesh play.  He was on all night.

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