Schooner Saturday

Tonight was a super easy gig with the Yacht Rock Schooner at the Wild Wing Cafe in Alpharetta.  No keyboards, no EWI...just saxes and flute.  All my stuff was in the first set, too, so I was home before they finished the gig (and I texted them to let them know).

I felt pretty good, playing-wise.  I recorded most of the first set (I missed the first couple of songs because I forgot to turn the thing on), and I'm kind of flat (speaking in terms of pitch), but the effort is good.  I didn't get much in the monitor because we (Mark Bencuya and Kevin Spencer) were sharing the wedge, and that's usually when I start to overblow and go flat.

You'd think with no keyboards and no EWI I'd be safe from technology's evil plans (or my stupidity), but I did have one small problem.  I left the transmitter on my tenor on while I was playing alto on I Can't Go for That, and a couple of times the tenor cancelled out the signal and I got no sound in the microphone (you can hear it in the solo--when there's no chorus effect it's because you're hearing acoustic sound only).  Way to go, Freeman!

Ganesh Giri Jaya played drums tonight.  I think it's the best set I've ever heard him play.  He nailed everything.
Bencuya played some awesome organ stuff on Biggest Part of Me.  He did this perfect palm slide that made my knees buckle.

Check out the HORRIBLE wrong note I sat on at the end of the bridge/beginning of the last verse of Summer Breeze!  More evidence that I could not hear what I was playing.  Ouch.

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