new/old music

After my last blog detailing the looming keyboard work on Starbuck's Moonlight Feels Right, it turned out to a pretty easy task. I had it under control in about an hour. Impressive, considering the performer! We'll see if I'm still saying that come Friday morning--about half of Starbuck is sitting in with Yacht Rock Thursday night to perform that song. The pressure's on!
I added some new music to my website on the page titled "Custom Woodwind Tracks." I have decided to involve myself in a newer trend in recording; people email a song back and forth, and individuals record their parts in their own studios. At the very least, I want to have the capacity to do this.
I recorded an album, titled Loop City, in 2007. The concept was to write and perform songs based on loops. You can check it out here. I've posted it it to this page as an example of my writing, recording, and performing capabilities.

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