Wild Wing

Yacht Rock played the Wild Wing Cafe in Alpharetta last night. It was the smallest stage we've ever boarded. Mark Cobb took the night off, so Ganesh sang and played drums.

Everything that I crashed on last night went well tonight (i.e. Love Will Keep Us Together and Magic). I was also a little more comfortable with the transitions from instrument to instrument on A Lotta Love (I'm playing sax, flute, and keyboard on that one). I even got some strings happening on Lowdown with a little help from a sustain pedal. Yay for me.
Kevin Spencer fronted the band last night, and he was twice as good as the night before (though I guess he wrote down some of his schtick to say in between songs, and he was obviously reading it in some parts!). Ganesh played great--impressive that he can sing lead and play drums at the same time. Mark Dannells played well. He did something really slick in the middle of the second solo on Peg that made me stop in the middle of playing piano--it was that hip. I don't even know how to describe it, but I'd never heard him do it before. Fantastic lick. Alyssa came out and sang some with us, and she sang even better than the night before.

Unfortunately for Mark Bencuya, the sound man got confused about which keyboard was playing what at any given time, and I ended up louder than God for most of the night, with Mark's stuff significantly lower. I got so loud at the end of Doctor My Eyes that my organ covered up the guitar solo. Oops. I had ear plugs in...it seemed loud, but I couldn't tell what was going on out front. I guess it wasn't my fault per se, but I feel bad that his stuff didn't come through as well because I was hammering away on the other side.

There's lots of talk about the B band doing the Wild Wing the next time we play there. I hope if the main guys are available that we do it again. To me, it was not any different than playing the 10 High, and the money was just as good. I don't really get much (energy-wise) from the crowd in either place, so as long as the vibes on stage are good, I am not concerned about who's in the room. We'll see...

I have a Platnumb gig tonight. Time to reload!

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