MP3s of Quartet Gig

I had an interesting conversation with Mark Cobb yesterday. He has been doing some very creative things to shake up some of the older Yacht Rock tunes. Many songs have been on our setlist for over a year now, and in order to keep them fresh, he has been slightly altering the groove and/or the tempo. His creativity keeps things fun for all of us.

Here's the mp3s from my quartet gig last Thursday night. It was Louis Heriveaux (piano), Tommy Sauter (bass), and Wayne Viar (percussion). We played in the Day Hall at the Botanical Gardens, a room acoustically similar to a high school cafeteria. You can probably hear the difference in saxophone tone in the second song for the out head--the volume was enough of a concern that I stuffed a towel in the bell of my horn and kept it there for the duration of the gig.

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