Andrews Upstairs

We played Andrews Upstairs last night. It was PACKED! We did well.

In general things went better than the night before (when I sucked real bad). The only song that really bit me in the butt was I Just Wanna Stop. The song started before I got to the keyboard, and so I chased the chords for most of it. I think I played alot of A Maj 11. A big mush of tonality! The other thing that was kind of funny (to me): on Love Will Keep Us Together, I had the idea on the way over that I would play the clav part on the keyboard so I wouldn't have to dance between sounds quite so much--the idea being that I could play the EWI stuff one handed and the clav part one handed. First time I tried it, I had the wrong hand on the keyboard, so I couldn't play the right note on the EWI. Second time I tried it, when I played the note on the keyboard, I instictively blew air into the EWI! Ahh! Next time, I'll have it down. It did solve a problem I was having--I just have to get the kinks ironed out.
Oh yeah, one other Rosanna, I play the synth solo, and then as soon as that's over I jump to the organ part, and while I'm playing organ, I have to use my foot pedal to dial back to my horn section patch. Well, I missed the right number on the horns, and so I got no sound for about 8 measures while I tried to figure out what had gone wrong. Oops. It's such a schizophrenic gig for me (play keyboard for 8 measures, play the horn part, pick up the saxophone, go back to the keyboard), that sometimes I lose coordination and get stretched too thin.
I'm off the Athens to play a wedding in a little bit. Time to go!

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