Not much to report these days. Yacht Rock is losing Brandon Still, one of our keyboardists to a touring southern rock band called Blackberry Smoke. It's a great move for him--he gets to experience the world! Blackberry Smoke is out a playing shows--very cool--and they've got a European tour lined up in December. That should be amazing. I've never played in a touring band, so I'm envious of his experiences. However, at this point in life (for me), I don't think I could do it unless it was something I had to take, like Paul Simon's band or something. I have too many things that I'd have to let go of (local gigs and teaching) to go ride around in a van and make $8 a night! Not to mention Jack and my family. Go Brandon go!
Anyway, I'm trying to cover his parts as best as I can, so I'm practicing alot of keyboards. I am, in fact, awake a 5 AM thinking about the chords to "You're So Vain." I need to get in the room and deal with that, I think.

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