I'm sure I'll be crashing soon.  Beth is out of town from Wednesday to Saturday, so it's just Jack and me right now (and Reggie, of course).  I fell asleep in Jack's bed after reading stories Wednesday night, and then he woke me up around 7:30 Thursday morning.  Thursday night I didn't get to bed until after 3 AM due to Yacht Rock, and then I was up again this morning at 7:30 trying to get him ready to go to school.  I'm probably already asleep and just don't know it.

Yesterday might have been one of the best in recent memory.  I helped out a student by transferring/transposing some music to Finale and emailing her a PDF, and then I got busy practicing.  I managed to find time to hit all my horns.  I think my self worth must be tied to how much I can practice;  yesterday was a high point!  Even after all that, I still had time to get outside with Jack for a little over an hour.  

Last night's Yacht Rock was pretty good, though I think we're ready to move on to some new songs.  Mark Cobb played lots of crazy stuff in the first set.  I think he must've been checking out his JoJo Mayer stuff this week.  The second set got a little tense on stage, resulting in a brisk rendition of "Little Jeannie", but no blood was spilled, and I think things will eventually be ok (for a week).  At some point in packing up I dropped my sunglasses.  I can't find them.  If you picked them up, please bring them back to me.

One strange note-Melkonian ran his fingers through my chest hair on the break.  That was weird.

We had a killer thunderstorm pass through here last night.  There's lots of trash in my yard.  I need to get out there and get working on it before I have to go get Jack at school.  I think my gutters are full of those fuzzy oak tree things.  Also, my grass is growing as we speak, so I'd better get out there before I have to rent a combine.

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