Yacht Rock put up big audience numbers this past weekend, with a sellout in Nashville (600 people), and two nights at Conner Prairie in Indianapolis (4,350 and 5,580). Impressive, no?

Thursday: We're still looking for the right room in Nashville. This room sounds great, but it's kind of small--we need a thousand seater with a good vibe. In the mean time, we play here--Top Golf in Nashville (they call the music room The Cowan). Load in, soundcheck, and then we hit some balls and hung out with our Nashville buddy, Jerry Roe.

We'd been off for almost two weeks, so things were a little rusty. I definitely had a few spots where I hoped that muscle memory would save me. For the most part, it was a pretty solid show, though.

The crowd was so-so. The people across the front line were, by and large, unenthusiastic, which didn't help us with the energy. Maybe 'cause it was a Thursday? Lots of blank stares. Not sure what was up with that.

Apparently, we broadcast on Facebook.

Friday: Road trip from Nashville to Indy. The midwest is alive with corn and soybeans all the way up I-65.

Conner Prairie is a giant outdoor concert venue in Fishers, Indiana, on the northeast side of Indianapolis. There's a very large covered stage at the bottom of a smoothly rising hill, creating a natural bowl for the audience. Night one was exceptional--one of my favorite gigs we've ever played. Everybody played up to this mega-gig, and the crowd was with us from the first note.

Saturday: We each had our own hotel rooms, so I slept for as long and as hard as I could.

Next on the agenda: a run. A couple of sights from East 96th Street.

Followed by lunch at my favorite Indy restaurant, Yat's, which now has vegetarian and vegan options! Woo!

spinach and mushroom étouffée

vegan white chili

Day two at Conner Prairie. I almost didn't want to play this gig because the previous night had been so magical. What if I couldn't get the mojo happening, and then I tried too hard, and then really sucked?

Lots of video from this gig. Dig it.

We added a local horn section for is show, and I am happy to report that my horn charts had no errors!

Here's a better than usual outro solo on Taking it to the Streets:

And then it was over! We're off again for about two weeks, and then the regular gigging (and blogging) will resume. Stay tuned.

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