Only one Yacht Rock gig this week, but we had to go a long way to get there: Park City, Utah. We performed at the Sundance TV party for the Sundance Film Festival.

Salt Lake City/Park City got a foot of snow the night before our arrival.

I had no interest in the festival (the hipsters are thriving in independent film), so I walked a couple of blocks up the hill to escape the crowds.

all hail the heated driveway

SLC 2002

I stayed outside for as long as I could, and then headed back to the HQ. At that point, they were about begin another event, so I ended up sitting in the hallway outside the restrooms until it ended. Also in the hallway: a display with bags of "bark THINS." I ate three bags. Major tummy ache.

So...finally! Set up time on this tiny stage. Most of the gear worked (guitars and drum pad did not). Also, the in ear monitor system that we ordered did not make it on the truck, which meant that somebody probably had to drive a hundred miles an hour to Park City to get it to us in time.


We played from 9:30 to midnight, local time. Everybody loved us. Except for the jet lag and the tiny stage, it was an easy gig.

This was my first flight with the new custom foam for my fly date alto/EWI case. Sad, but I think it's beautiful.

After a few hours in a hotel room in Salt Lake City, we headed to the airport for the long ride home.

pre flight de icing 

no snow!

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