Dave Matthews with The Laymen

photo cred: Chadwick Hunter
I began playing professionally in the mid 1990s just as the Dave Matthews Band was becoming popular, and yet, in those twenty plus years, I have never been called upon to play a Dave Matthews song (not entirely true--years ago, I got called to play a random gig with a Dave Matthews Tribute Band, but I was unavailable) until 2018. I would've thought people would be calling me constantly, since the gig is all four saxophones plus flute and I own all four saxophones and a flute, and then I thought, maybe I haven't gotten called because nobody's playing these songs because maybe nobody wants to hear them?

Anyway, my friend Dustin Cottrell has a group called The Laymen (with another church musician friend of his), and they opted to use a full band for this DMB show. We played at the Red Light Cafe on a snowy night that maybe affected our attendance--there were maybe ten people there, but difficult to say because most of the people watching the first band were involved in the DMB show, and vice versa when we got on stage.

Anyway, I now have good sax/flute charts for The Best of What's Around, What Would You Say, Satellite, Typical Situation, Ants Marching, Jimi Thing, So Much to Say, Crash Into Me, and Two Step if any other sax players need them. Here's an example--they're good enough that you can probably skip rehearsal.

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