Two More!

I got up a little bit early Saturday morning and went for a run before we headed to the airport. The hotel that we frequent in Indy is very near the airport, surrounded by warehouses, an industrial park, and a Fed Ex depot.

Back on a plane. Zzzz.

The day's gig: a wedding reception at the Egyptian Ballroom in Atlanta. Many, many gigs have I played on this stage. Many. Too many?

Here's the pre-show food.

edible (picked out meat and just ate the pasta)



edible (though heavy on the dressing)
no thank you (this was some sort of vegetarian lasagna)
 The gig itself was a piece of cake, and it was nice to see several musician friends out in the audience.

photo cred: Stephen Renney

After the gig, we were all involved in the low-grade war with the caterers and the production crew to get our gear down the freight elevator and out to our vehicles, which culminated in a car/truck (nobody saw it) peeling half of the bumper off Mark Cobb's car and destroying the tail light. What an ugly ending to a Saturday night.

Sunday: Last one. We've played most of the PGA legend Stewart Cink's Cink It Challenge parties waaaaay over in Suwanee. It takes me an hour to get there, but the gig couldn't be easier, Stewart is super cool, and we get a gift bag with Parker's Pickles to take home. Not a bad way to spend an evening, eh?

I had a couple of good solos on this gig, which hopefully makes up for not turning my microphone on for the last solo of the night (Take Me Home Tonight). Oops. I was tired.

Aaaaaaaaand no gigs this week.

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