North Carolina (x2) and Venkman's

A few more gigs this past weekend, wobbling along with some spare parts in place of our missing (stolen) gear.

Friday: Charlotte, NC. We've tried Charlotte a few times over the years, and it's been hit and miss. For the couple of successful gigs at the NC Music Factory outdoor loading dock gig  (including the one where the stage light caught fire), we've had a couple of rain outs and an ice storm. I didn't know what to expect for our show at the The Underground - Fillmore Charlotte.

Good news! We had a very successful show, and eight hundred people showed up (sellout is 830, so we just missed it!). Still--awesome news. Like Birmingham and Chattanooga, it's great that another close city (within a reasonable drive from Atlanta) has finally caught fire. I'm excited to see this.

pre-gig pizza party with The Great Bencuya

Saturday: Gig number two was a wedding reception in Asheville, and after late checkout, we had a rather pleasant van ride through the mountains. We were greeted with really nice weather and a easy load in.

beware of the giant chandelier!
We learned Rainbow Connection for the first dance. It took me a lot of practice in a short week to get the string part together.

This wedding was a very small event--I think there were maybe seventy-five guests, and once we started playing, people were in and out of the room the whole night, but maybe only about fifteen were dancing at any one time. The adjoining patio seemed to be more popular (and with the weather being so great, no one could blame them). The doors to outside were open, so I'm sure people we still enjoying the music, even if they weren't planted on the dance floor.

This one ended at 10 PM, and we were in our hotel rooms by midnight, which was very nice.

Sunday: We left Asheville at 9 AM, got back to Atlanta just after noon, divided gear, and went our separate ways, reconvening at 4 PM to set up for a Yacht Rock Unplugged gig at Venkman's. I think it went ok. I messed up five measures of Rainbow Connection, some of the Hey 19 (which I attempted on soprano sax), the big string solo thing in Sara Smile, the end of the sax solo on Only the Good Die Young, and some flute parts in Africa. Not my night, I guess. It was nice to play my nice flute and piccolo (as opposed to my "road" flute and picc that live with my Yacht Rock gear).

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