Newberry, Austin (Again)

On the road again...Yacht Rock was in Newberry, South Carolina Friday night for a show at the Opera House. Nice place! Also, loaders! Thank you very much.

The pre-gig meal was a "Sunday dinner" style homemade buffet of chicken/turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, bread, fruit, and dessert. The cook was standing by, mostly (it seemed) to check out what we were eating. I got a whimper of disapproval for passing on the meat and potatoes in favor of doubling up on the green beans, bread, and salad.

Nice crowd, though significantly older than our usual audience. They liked it all the same. Mark Cobb left me a nice a long time to go apeshit on the end of Biggest Part of Me, which I greatly appreciated.

After the show, we packed up super quick and headed back to Atlanta, arriving at our hotel around 2:30 AM. It was a short night of sleep before Saturday's 7:25 AM lobby call. Ouch.

Saturday: Off to Texas again! We flew to Austin (super damn early) to play a wedding reception. I slept on the plane.

After dumping our gear and suitcases at the hotel, most of us made the pilgrimage to Curra's Grill. So good. I had the veggie tacos, and a ton of chips and salsa.

That still left us plenty of time to take a nice big nap at the hotel. Thank god for that.

The wedding reception was for some cool people. Easy gig, though we were all pretty flattened by the end because it ended at 11:45 PM central time. It'd been a long day at that point.

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