Georgia Theatre

The forecast for Friday's trip to Athens for our show at the Georgia Theatre was grim--from the looks of it, we could possibly tiptoe out there in freezing rain, play to almost no one, and then creep home in a snowy apocalypse. Fortunately, none of that was the case!

We left Atlanta around 4:15 PM, and once outside the city, didn't encounter too much traffic. Load in was fairly painless, and we were set and ready on time, leaving us plenty of time to ponder how many would show up to witness the event.

I was really shocked when we walked out on stage--over 900 people were in attendance! We had a really relaxed, easy show, even faced with reworking the setlist because Nick was sick. We also had Ganesh Giri Jaya subbing on drums. 100 or so minutes later, we finished with a two song encore, and it was over.

It was raining as we loaded out, but I guess we were far enough west that it wasn't freezing, and we made it back to Atlanta in good time. There was ice on the trees in the city (a few of the guys had to pick up a big tree limb off Mark Bencuya's car so he could get out), and my truck frozen shut. We divided the gear and went our separate ways, and I didn't encounter any sleet until I was almost home. However, when I pulled into my garage and began to grab my gear, my cases had frozen in place in the bed of my truck, and I had to break them free so that I could get them inside!

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