A Quickie in the Midwest

Last weekend, Yacht Rock played a couple of gigs in the midwest. Go!

Friday: We flew to Indianapolis to meet the gear. Being seated directly in front of the engines seemed like it would be horrible, but I was so tired that it didn't matter.

 So, Indiana in mid November...

Our gig for the evening was a banquet/benefit for the hospital in Columbus, Indiana (hometown of Pete and Nick).

The dinner was hospital food! Or maybe it was hotel food, so they brought us hospital food instead, but either way, it was pretty gross (and not vegetarian friendly), so I posted for a small salad and six bananas.

The evening was pretty easy--our two sets were shortened to one ninety minute set, and I don't think it even went a full hour and a half. Unfortunately, this one never gathered any energy on the dance floor or the stage. Pretty low wattage.

Saturday: We slept late and headed for Chicago at noon. The drive is four or five hours, and it feels like it takes all damn day. It certainly doesn't help when you get to Chicago at 4:30 and it's DUSK! and by 5 PM it's DARK. I spent much of the afternoon in a Benadryl induced fog, so it didn't matter that much. Hence, no pictures of the Northern Indiana wind farms.

This venue is fantastic--easy load in, big stage, and two dressing rooms.

These two photos may or may not be me. There was lots of time to kill after soundcheck.

This gig was the opposite of the night before. Great energy from the crowd (which was over 600 people--excellent considering that the venue was over by O'Hare and not in the middle of the city), and the band was ON FIRE from the first note. Awesome night on stage.

We also broadcast the first set live on our Facebook page. It looks to still be up, so you can check it out (outstanding audio provided by our man Zach Wetzel of Athens Sound):

By the time we'd loaded out and headed to our hotel across the street (hell yeah), it was around 2 AM, and we were scheduled for a 8:25 AM shuttle to the airport. Ouch! Another nap on an airplane.

A few more good shows are coming up--Yacht Rock is at The Hamilton in Washington DC Friday, November 18, and at Venkman's in Atlanta November 23 with special guest Robbie Dupree.

After Thanksgiving, Sazerac returns to the stage with a set at The Vista Room November 25 (I'm particularly excited to hear my horn arrangements played by Rob Opitz, Richard Sherrington, Gary Paulo, and myself!). The Greg Lee Band is at The Vista Room November 26, opening for John Driskell Hopkins.

Assuming we all live through that, Yacht Rock plays the Beatles at Venkman's December 2, and some of us will play a set of the Rolling Stones after that?! More horn arrangements by yours truly! Come hear it!

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