More Keyboard Stand Crap

The keyboard stand thing continues to frustrate Mark Bencuya and me.  In Houston last week, my eyebolt solution took a hit when one of the bolts failed--the threads had once again flattened out in one spot, and thus would not tighten properly.  We swapped it for a fresh eyebolt and played the gig.

However, I'm still wondering: why?  I brought Bencuya's stand home, retapped the threads in the stand, cleaned up the threads on the eyebolts, and reinstalled everything.  I could already see, though, that the threads were beginning to flatten out in one spot just from one gig, so it is only a matter of time before it needs more repair.

In checking my own keyboard stand, my eyebolts began to hop off the threads right then.  It made me wonder:  if the threads in the stand are good and the threads on the bolt are good (and their sizes match), what is causing the bolt to deform when they are tightened?

I now believe that the root of the problem is a strong spring that fits in the joint of the keyboard stand.  When the bolt is tightened, the spring is putting too much force on the threads, causing them to flatten and eventually fail.

No springs for me, and even after tightening and loosing these bolts several times, the threads still look good.  Maybe this is the solution?  I'm less sure of this than ever.

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