Dave and Dave

I was up much too soon Sunday morning after a late Saturday night, this time to head down to a brunch gig at Venkman's with David Ellington as the Dave and Dave Duo.  The first set went pretty well, but I totally fell apart in the second set, and my coordination and concentration went all to hell.  By the time I began driving home I was desperate for a nap.  

Anyway, I tried to call some tunes, for better or for worse, that we haven't played recently on either a Dave and Dave gig or Ellington's last two quartet gigs.  Check it out:

As usual, I stumbled back to life in time to make my church gig, which was poorly attended.  I wonder when the church will finally give in to reality and just cancel mass?  Is there some tipping point where it would make more sense to say "find another time to get here"?  

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