Georgia Theatre

It's been several months since Yacht Rock made the trip to Athens to play the Georgia Theatre.  It's good to be back!  What was already a good sounding room has improved for us over the years with the addition of our own sound crew (yay Kip and Zach) and in ear monitors.

It's homecoming weekend in Athens, and we just barely beat the street closure and the UGA marching band.  It would've been a long uphill push of the gear if we'd missed it.

This was a pretty decent gig.  Nick tried to shake up the set list a little bit, so there were a few second set tunes in the first set, which felt kind of weird.   The set list also had a few previews of songs for Saturday night's Thriller show at the Variety Playhouse.

Joining us for the evening were two background singers, Keisha Jackson and Slick Barnes.  We met them earlier in the year on a big corporate gig in Las Vegas, and then they sang on our Purple Rain show.  Since they'll also be on the Variety Playhouse gig, we brought them along.

No clunkers on this gig.  With the exception of Arthur's Theme, I think I got everything right.  Monkey was screwing that one up, and I'm still not sure whether I was also making mistakes (independent of his mistakes), hearing his mistakes and thinking they were mine, or making mistakes because of his mistakes.  Any way you hear it, there was some bad shit in there.

Great crowd at the Georgia Theatre (50 people short of a sellout)--probably the best, least douchiest we've had, with the exception of the two people directly in front of me at the corner of the stage who were on their phones the entire time.  I wanted to kick them in the faces.  I actually spent a few songs in the second set mentally kicking them in the faces.  It was fun.  I hope their hangovers require hospitalization, and I hope they get charged for data roaming for the entire night.

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