Last Friday afternoon, Yacht Rock was invited to perform on FishCenter Live, a live internet call-in show.  The show was kind of like a morning radio show with a four guys talking over videos and graphics on the screen. A lot of this kind of thing:

We provided some live music, some of it with vocals and some of it instrumental.  It was weird.

Currently, you can view some of our show here:  The highlight of the show was a game where callers tried to match up our heads with our bodies.  They got Greg's head correct.  5 points!

Monkey boy's head on my body

my head on Rencuya's body

a random face on Monkeyboy's body

so...Nick's head on Pete's body, Monkey's head on my body, a complete Cobb, Pete's head on Nick's body, my head on Rencuya's body, a complete Greg, and some guy's head on Monkey's body

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