Public Diahhrea

So...I did my first House Live gig in a long time.  In case you, loyal reader, don't remember, that's where there's a DJ playing "house" music, and a percussionist and yours truly play over the top of it.  We used to do a lot of this variety of gigs, and then the popularity faded and I got busy with other stuff.  It's a nice paycheck, but musically, it's bullshit.  I spend my time practicing over deep four on the floor beats, and watching the clock.

Wayne Viar was the percussionist on this gig (equally bored with the concept).  I worked on playing rhythm changes on alto, jazz articulation (lightly tonguing the offbeats) on flute, and generally trying to play fast lines on both instruments.  I also photobombed a couple of shots, but if you're going to pose in front of the band like you're at the zoo, I'm gonna be the animal.

Later in the evening, I think I recognized a local musician (well...jazz vocalist), and it made me regret everything I'd played for the previous ninety minutes.  I tried to a few Charlie Parker tunes and stay in the same key as the DJ.

The best part of the night was watching the aerialists dangle high above the marble floor.  I bet the bartenders were really excited about the possibility of being killed by a falling body.  How do they do that?

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