On the Hill

Yacht Rock had a ticketed event on Memorial Day, a fundraiser at a Buckhead church.  We played this gig last year, too.  It's a too small tent over a too small stage in the church parking lot.  Last year it rained pretty hard, but we ended up getting through it.

This year we also had the same too small tent/too small stage combination, the same two hundred yards of extension cord to the nearest electrical outlet, and the same weather conditions.  We played five songs before the front left quadrant of the stage had standing water and the sky began to flash with lightning.  No good.  I'm glad I'd brought my tarp to put over my gear.  After consulting the radar (and singing Rain by The Beatles, Who'll Stop the Rain by CCR, and almost It's Raining Men), the gig officially ended.

It's unfortunate not only because we were unable to continue the performance, but also because this was the gig where the entire band moved over to in ear monitors.  We had a really long soundcheck and got each person's mix roughly dialed in, but having an entire gig to fine tune everything and get comfortable with the sound of everything would have been a huge bonus.  My mix was probably 85 percent solved at this point, and already way better than it was at the Purple Rain show--I'm digging it.  I think we're really going to love these things!

Oh well...any outdoor gig in Atlanta during the summer is a crapshoot.  With no rain contingency, what can we do?  At least the early release from the gig left those of us who needed it more time to dry our equipment out once we were home.  Fun.

In other news, here's a video of me playing with Greg Lee at Eddie's Attic last week.

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