Working from Home

This is not a busy week by any means--it's spring break for the Atlanta area, and so things are empty for everybody.  It's a good thing, I guess, because I need the extra time to play dad!  Other than a little bit of light practicing, not much has been accomplished.

Today's two big tasks:  1.  Create a horn arrangement for a Greg Lee original titled One Kind of Love.  I've played this one with him at Eddie's Attic, and my chart has the title and says "Clarence Clemmons."  My horn section is a little more complicated than that.  While on a run last night, I sang the song to myself and came up with my ideas for each section.  Today, I wrote them out on paper and recorded a version to submit to the Greg.

In spite of all the technological stuff (notation software, MIDI, iPad, etc), I still prefer to write out what I want to do on paper--it's easier to create and edit parts.  However, I'd rather not try and read a chart like this on a gig.  Right now I remember what all of this stuff is, but in a few weeks, things won't be as clear.

You can listen to the main chunk of the stuff I wrote (a chorus, verse, chorus, and bridge) here:

That was fun!  I'm happy with what I've written.  I used two tenors and bari.

My second task of the day was to add some permanent foam to my baritone sax case.  The case I have is made by Protec.  It's a nice case;  looks cool, seems fairly protective.  However, there about an inch of extra space in the cavity, and sometimes I can feel my bari shifting, which is not so great.  I cut a cantaloupe slice of foam and glued it in.  No more saxophone shaking.

All set for the next gig!

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