Death by Salsa

I picked up a salsa gig in the middle of this past week, playing tonight at the tapas restaurant Eclipse di Luna in Miami Circle.  It was sort of two gigs in one:

1.  The first two sets were a quartet (guitar, bongos/vocals, congas/vocals, and saxes/flutes).  We played latin jazz, bossa novas, and a couple of Buena Vista Social Club tunes.  I fared very well in these circumstances, playing the melody and taking a solo.

2.  In the second two sets, we swapped the guitar for a keyboardist.  We also changed to much more authentic salsa and merengue, and it was here that I had my ass handed to me time and time again, as I vainly attempted to read handwritten, dog-eared charts, at 250 BPM.  In fact, I was surprised that I didn't get fired in between sets (which I would have welcomed because I was so embarrassed).

I'm pretty sure I won't be getting called for this one again!

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