The Greg and Hop Show

Tuesday night was a fun little gig--Greg Lee and John Hopkins performed their original songs at Eddie's Attic, backed up by most of the Yacht Rock Revue, plus Ben Holst on bass (for Greg's stuff). I played on four of Greg's tunes.  Good stuff on both sides--Greg's stuff is cool, and I liked most of Hop's stuff too.

Easy night for me--there were two Indianapolis Jones songs and a Bencuya song on which I was supposed to play, but all three were cut.  No big deal though, because from the first couple of notes I played, I could tell it was going to be one of those nights were everything I played worked.  Why was that?  I think I could hear the saxophone really well in balance with what was going on onstage;  since I was fighting to hear myself, it was easy to go for it.  I'll be interested to hear any audio or video that comes of it.

To top it off...blazingly fast load out!  I had both horns packed up before the gig ended, so as soon as I could step on stage I grabbed my iPad and boogied on out the door.

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