Solo Gig

I played a solo gig tonight--an hour of standing just outside of a corporate event, I guess calling out to them across the lobby.  I think I might have been a just a noisy prop outside of a room, standing among a fake brick wall, fake gaslight, and a fake rain barrel.  It's supposed to be New Orleans!

Before I'd even begun some guy asked if I could play Georgia on my Mind on "that thing."  Sure--first tune of the night.  Once I began the gig, I of course played Georgia for several minutes.  When I was finished, I went into Stella by Starlight, and just then the guy came by.  I overheard him say (why does no one ever think I can hear them when they're talking about me on a gig?) "That doesn't sound like Georgia on my Mind."  So, I hinted at it in Stella.

From there on out, I tucked it into every song--just the "Georgia, Georgia"--the first four notes, jammed into In a Sentimental Mood, St. Thomas, When the Saints Go Marching In (it's supposed to be New Orleans!).  He was hanging around outside of the party (in front of me), so I made sure to tease it in case he was listening...but not give him the song.  If he'd just asked me, yes, I would have played it again, but I had fun nonetheless by dangling it out there, in case he noticed.  Probably didn't.  Oh well...something to do for the hour.

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