NYE 2014

So...Yacht Rock closed out 2014 with a New Year's Eve show at the Park Tavern--on top of the ice rink!  We did this once before, I believe two years ago.  Just like last time, we loaded in and I thought, "Hmm...not too cold in here!"  Within an hour, I was frozen.  Fortunately, by the the time the gig had begun, the place had heated up nicely, and playing wasn't a problem.

The Yacht Rock Schooner opened for us.  They were outstanding, as always.  Having all those guys stand around a watch us made me a lot more conscious of my mistakes.  Ganesh pulled double duty, singing with the Schooner and then playing drums with us.  Excellent on both counts.

Our set was fun.  Maybe a little rust since we hadn't played in a couple of weeks, but we made the best of it.  The crowd seemed to be really into it...maybe it was the alcohol.  They were also really loud--the loudest Park Tavern gig I can remember, to the point where it was hard to hear myself, and if I turned up, hard to hear anybody else.

"Baton Bob" made an appearance in the area between the audience and the stage, prancing back and forth for most of the set.
When it came time to lead Auld Lang Sine, my mind was completely blank.  All I could hear was Hava Nagila--probably because the band was vamping using the same kind of groove (we went straight into You Make My Dreams after that).  After a few long seconds, it came back to me.

As we came off stage at the end of our set, a woman from the audience tapped me on the shoulder and said "That was the worst show EVER!"  I still haven't decided if that was supposed to be a joke or not.  At the time, I said, "Well...I'm sorry," and turned back around, and we went up for the encore.  After the show, I was made sure to get out of the offstage area and go change immediately so as to not encounter her again.  Happy new year!

Lots of good stuff happening in January!

January 8:  The Sinclair (Cambridge, MA) with Yacht Rock Revue
January 9:  The Paramount (Huntington, NY) with YRR
January 10:  Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY) with YRR
January 11:  The Hamilton (Washington, DC) with YRR
January 16:  Variety Playhouse (Atlanta, GA) with YRR
January 23:  Sun in my Belly (Decatur, GA) with David Ellington
January 25:  The Giving Kitchen (Atlanta, GA) with YRR
January 29:  JCT Kitchen and Bar (Atlanta, GA) with David Ellington
January 30:  Georgia Theatre (Athens, GA) with YRR
January 31:  Smith's Olde Bar (Atlanta, GA) with Sazerac

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