Yacht Rock flew home from Baltimore Monday morning, and I got home around 1:30 PM.  That left me a few hours to reset and get ready for another gig!  I was given the opportunity to sub on bari sax with Bumpin' the Mango (a Tower of Power style horn band) at Cafe 290.

Fun!  I love the music, and I love the chance to connect with other horn players.  The Yacht Rock gig keeps me kind of isolated from playing and hanging out with local guys.  In particular, this gig was great because I stood next to John Sandfort (playing tenor on the gig).  His playing is really wonderful--I love it!  At one point, we traded back and forth--kind of a saxophone battle.  I got killed.  Not my best playing!  John had great ideas;  I had musical diarrhea.  

Oh well...great hang!  I hope to have more things like this come up!  So cool!

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