Holiday Special 2014

Yay!  Finally a good gig!  Yacht Rock played for a sold out Variety Playhouse (I'm pretty sure it sold out Thursday evening) for our sixth annual holiday show.  Good stuff.  I had a blast.  Special guest John Hopkins (of Zac Brown fame) sat in with us on You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch.

First part:

Second part:

Some crazy stuff made it feel like the 10 High without the smoke and the nasty load out--in the midst of us reorganizing to play Brandy on miniature instruments (ukuleles, kid drum set, melodica), a fight broke out in the crowd at the same time that two women jumped on stage and tried to get us to take a picture with them.  What the hell?  Everybody got thrown out.

Somewhere in the night, I think each of us had a personal disaster.  Mine happened to be in Rosanna--I accidentally turned the EWI channel feeding my amp all the way down, so I gave up on the solo because no sound was coming out, only to find out that it was only my volume that was off--the sound to the front of house was unaffected.  If I'd only played through it, no one would have ever known.

But whatever...we all laughed at each other's mistakes and carried on.  All part of the fun.

Some cool pictures from Emily Butler Photography:

One from Zach/Athens Sound (in between running monitors and chasing the two women off the stage):

Awesome night!  Kudos to the Pleaserock team for another great show!

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