Monday Trio

Week night corporate events are pretty sweet--good money on an off night.  This particular gig was a trio gig at the Aquarium with David Ellington and Moffett Morris.

Most of the excitement happened before the guests ever arrived.  The parking lot boss decided at 4:55 that everybody who needed to be there for the event were already there, so he closed the gate, locking out one third of my trio, a few servers, and THE CLIENT for the evening.  Nice work.  It took some begging to get the gate back open long enough for Ellington to pull his van into the parking deck.

Other than that...another gig.  They fed us, but it was a highly refrigerated box meal--even the potato chips were cold.

I didn't play particularly well.  Part of it, no doubt, was my decision to try and get through the entire gig on a dead reed.  At first, it wasn't too bad, but by the end, it was really dead, and so was my mouth.  It also seems like it took most of the gig before we agreed on where the beat was.  Everything  in the first hour rolled downhill.

Here's the audio if you'd like to take a listen:

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