Going Back to Tally

Yacht Rock played a pep rally for FSU in Tallahassee Friday night.  I hadn't been to Tallahassee in twenty-five years, and was surprised to find it not as dirty and crappy as I remembered.  This seemed like it was going to be a horrible random gig with lots of driving, but it turned out to be a pretty enjoyable night.

FSU pep band

I limped home from the previous night's I-wanna-die experience in Decatur, arriving in my garage at 1 AM.  At that point, I had to resort my gear (putting the Yacht Rock gear back in its pile and separating it from the stuff specific to the Eddie's show) and pack my truck with gear and clothes for the trip.  I finally fell asleep around 3 AM.

Up at 6 AM.  First thing of the morning--rocket propelled diarrhea!  I took that it to be a good sign that whatever was upsetting my stomach was no longer fighting to go back up, and instead headed out the other exit.  I still felt horrible enough that I slept on the bathroom floor for around twenty minutes.  This is the only trip on which I can remember packing barf bags in my backpack.

I met the van and trailer at 7:30, loaded my gear, and crashed in the back seat, finally waking up around thirty minutes outside of Tallahassee.  At that point, I had a few bottles of water, a few bananas, and a few Papa John's breadsticks, and I felt pretty good when we loaded in at 2 PM.

Load in, no problem.  Soundcheck, no problem.  I sort of participated (if you count standing in the shot) in an interview with the local news about the evening's gig.  After dinner, I took a nap.

It was chilly, but the gig was a great success!  Numerous people told us that we were the best show they'd seen this year at one of these pep rally things.  Here's a great quote posted on the Yacht Rock Facebook page:

We had a really good time.  Good crowd--maybe 1,500-2,000 people.

Saturday was a pretty easy ride home.  Today (Sunday) after a few more episodes of blowout diarrhea, my stomach and my butt have returned to normal.

This week--Turkey Eve at the Egyptian Ballroom!  New tunes!  Big fun!

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