Piedmont Pride

awesome picture by Jessica Lewis!
Yacht Rock closed out a tremendous weekend of gigs by headlining the Atlanta Pride Festival in Piedmont Park.  Nice size stage (with a pretty big catwalk) and an excellent crew who loaded out gear from the van (parked on 10th) to the stage and back.

We parked at Nick's and took the van and trailer to the gig.  After set up and soundcheck (and inhaling some of the most horribly noxious fumes coming out of that muddy field), we hit Mellow Mushroom.

The gig was...kind of underwhelming.  Not the crazy mass of thousands we thought there might be.  The weather sure was nice for the show, though.

The "Maneater" solo.  Photo cred Peter Olson.  Jessica's picture was better.

Fifty minutes after we began, it was over.  One of our quickest load outs ever, back to the van, and back to Nick's.  This one's a wrap!

Something we'd never seen before:  this show had a guy (blue shirt directly in front of Greg, just off the front of the stage) signing everything we said or sang.  At first it was kind of weird, but the dude was so in to it and danced and played some fierce air guitar!  Pretty cool.

The rain earlier certainly didn't help.  The field was pretty muddy.  At one point, most of our crowd was standing single file on the cable bridge running from the stage out to the front of house tent.

Here are a few videos from this weekend's Variety Playhouse shows:

Our next gig is this coming Friday in Charleston, SC at Music Farm!  Get your tickets here:  http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/513359?wrKey=CAD33F409BB5803C9FDE5819DD31BC38

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