Quartet for Kids

I played a quartet gig--a dinner/awards ceremony for a local children's hospital.  I think this may be the tenth year I've done the gig.  It's always very stressful for me because they have a very particular script for the evening, and I do my best to drag the other three guys along as we play various people on and off stage throughout the night, in addition to providing music during dinner.  This year the band consisted of Dan Baraszu on guitar, David Ellington on organ, and Henry Conerway III on drums.  Making sure everybody shows up on time and knows what we're doing throughout the evening wears me out.

Our set up was not the best--more or less in a line leading away from the stage.  On the recordings, that's why you can't hear the guitar very well--he's on one end of the line and I (and the recorder) am on the other.   Maybe we can fix that for next year?  More importantly, I think it caused some strange tempo problems.  We were not hearing each other well.

Dave and I will be back in duo form tomorrow night (Friday, September 5) at Sun in my Belly on College Ave in Decatur.  7-9 PM.

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