This Bird Has Flown

Yacht Rock was invited to play a short (45 minute) concert after the Hawks game last night at Philip's Arena.  Pretty cool, huh?  Our second arena performance (the first being in Vegas last week).

Due to the logistics of the event, we loaded in and set up on the loading dock in the early afternoon (1:30 PM).  Everything was on rolling stage pieces so that it could all be plugged in and we could begin.

Once we'd sound checked, there were several hours to kill before the game began.

The Hawks provided us with a suite from which to watch the game.  The game went quickly.  The Hawks eventually lost to the Pelicans.

Our gear rolled out, and Kip and Zach (expertly running sound for us this evening) made sure everything was up and running.  Unfortunately, the crowd had dwindled down to a couple of hundred by the time the show began.  Nevertheless, it sounded good out there, and we enjoyed the experience!

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