Second Guesses

Yacht Rock played our annual holiday show at the Variety Playhouse last night.  I think we had a good show overall, but I had some weird moments, particularly in the first set.

I'm not sure what happened--maybe I had trouble focusing on what we were doing--but I was really unsettled for most of the first set.  The result was a string of weird mistakes, even on familiar tunes.  I really thought a lot more than I usually do on our gigs--second guessing myself constantly.  Even when we laid into Baker Street on the second set, I couldn't remember how many times the sax hook went around before the first verse.  I played it twice (which turned out to be correct), but I couldn't decide if I was right or the band was just following my mistake.  After the show, I checked with Greg to see if I'd messed it up.  In Maneater, I played the chords of the verse in a different inversion than usual, so it wasn't wrong, per se, but again, what the hell am I doing?  It was that kind of night for me.

Anyway, as I look over the first set, maybe it wasn't bad, but feeling unsure of myself for the entire first set made for quite an adventure up there.

Nice job by Nick, Pete, Ether, and Kristen for putting together another excellent evening, and thanks to Kip, Zach, and Farrell for perfect lights and sound!  Also thanks to the Variety and our excellent fans!

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