Christmas Church Gigs

A few more church gigs courtesy of Christmas!

#1:  I played the children's mass at my PM church gig.  I've done this one for several years and it's always crazy.  The little kids act out the birth of Jesus--it's fun to watch.  However, because there are kids involved, people start camping out for seats over an hour before the service begins, which means there will be no rehearsal or soundcheck.  I did figure out that the speakers in the ceiling have a global mute button, new knowledge that abated my great concerns when I couldn't get any sound ten minutes before go time.

#2:  Same location, but just an extra mass--sort of the overflow mass for the main room.  This one was kind of the official location of my PM church gig team (PM church gig priest, ministers, ushers, band).  No sweat.

#3:  I picked up an extra Christmas mass at the church near my house where I used to play regularly a few years ago.  Good to see all my old friends as well as some people from my neighborhood!  The band leader and I really click musically, and this mass was no different, particularly when we did a duet on Oh Holy Night--magical stuff.  I wish I there were more opportunities to play at this church, as I really like the people here, and there's room in the music for me to be creative.

#4:  Christmas Day mass!  One more at the same church as #3.  This one had a few extra instrumentalists to dodge.  No biggie.

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