Trio Gig

It's kind of rare that I pull up to a hotel in Atlanta and say, "Hmm, I've never played here before."  And yet there I was last night at the Sheraton Gateway (which is immediately south of the airport, kind of tucked in between the park and ride and the 5th runway) for a trio gig with Kevin Smith (bass) and Kenny Banks Jr (keyboard).

This one was supposed to go 5:30-9, but nothing happened at 5:30, so we waited and eventually things started getting cranked up at 6.  We did an hour and a half in the pre function area (nice natural reverb), then took about a half hour for speeches, toasts, and us to move our gear into the ballroom, and then we played another hour.  No sweat.

Here's the audio.  We tried a new tune of mine, titled Angel with a Tail.  When Reggie died in June, the  emergency vet sent us a condolences card.  In it was one of Reggie's paw prints with that inscription.  Long live the Reggie Dog!  We approached the tune like it was an Impulse era Coltrane ballad.

We were (thankfully) ignored for the entire gig, except for the jackass who came up right before the last tune and said, "You don't expect us to dance, do you?"  In the words of Goldfinger...

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