Highlands Wedding

Unfortunately, I ended up with no Saturday night gig.

Sunday, I was up for my AM church gig.  There were no big surprises this week;  we did play some crazy seventeen page song with a million chords and three or four modulations.  Sightread that!

So long to our buddy Matt Sheren, who has been running sound for us ever since I began playing here. He's off to bigger and better things.  I hope the next guy is as funny and talented as Matt!

When the gig ended, I had enough time to race home, change clothes, and run out the door again to meet up with the Yacht Rock guys for an out of town gig.  Under our more catch-all wedding band moniker "Constantly Awesome," we played a wedding reception in Highlands, NC.

It was a really nice gig in a beautiful room.  We left the doors immediately behind the stage open and enjoyed the really pleasant weather up in the mountains.  Everything sounded good (using our very basic PA).

The first set focused on Beatles stuff.  On the break, we changed over into more Yacht Rock stuff.  Other than the first dance (All You Need is Love) and Hava Nagila (which was SUPER GROOVY AS HELL!! thanks to Mark Cobb), everything else was really familiar.

We came back to Atlanta Monday morning.  The new van's maiden voyage was a success.

Here's a nice sounding clip from last Friday's Park Tavern show.

We'll be in California this coming weekend--the House of Blues in Anaheim on Friday and the House of Blues on Sunset Strip in Hollywood Saturday.  Come see us if you're out there!

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