Cajoning It In

Busy day!

1.  My AM church gig--we had all of July off.  That worked out just fine for me because I was out of town almost every Sunday morning.  August, I'm back.  Time to make the money!

This gig was pretty low key.  I played four horns (tenor, flute, soprano, clarinet).  No choir, no extra players--easy stuff.

2.  My PM church gig was also easy.  I forgot my headphones, but I think the mix that I had was pretty good.  I mostly played soprano on this one, as I continue to get more comfortable on my new horn.  It feels like I've finally found the right spot on the neck for my mouthpiece to play in tune.

3.  I left straight from my PM gig and went straight to Ventanas for a House Live gig.  We haven't played this venue in a long time--good to be back!  It's a beautiful view.

This one was an hour and a half (with a five minute break for speeches).  Unlike some previous gigs, this one was a lot of fun.  I felt engaged in what we were playing the whole time.  Good, creative stuff between the four of us--Guy Strauss and Nico Gutierrez on percussion, Huda Hudia DJ'ing, and myself.  The balance between the live instruments and the DJ stuff was perfect.  Ordinarily, I'd say two cajons is a red flag, but these guys were both very good.

Even better was the fact that we were quiet enough that I didn't use a microphone, even for the flute stuff, so at the end of the night, I put my horns away and I was gone!

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