Beatles at Smith's Olde Bar

Please Pleaserock Me (Yacht Rock plays the Beatles) had a two night stand at Smith's Olde Bar.  Great gigs!  Also considering how much gear we have on stage for this show, it was nice to leave it all set up overnight (I did not leave my horns there, however).  The Friday crowd was decent;  Saturday's crowd was pretty full.


Canadian Tuxedo night (head to toe denim).

When I'm 64 went well, and I appreciated the reaction from the crowd, especially the guy who yelled "Goddamnit Dave!"  In spite of barely playing any clarinet these days, my sound and pitch felt good.

Lady Madonna is, I think, the only Beatles song with a sax solo (played by London's own Ronnie Scott).  It's funny to me that the main groove is the Fats Domino boogie, and the sax solo is phrased in half time swing.

Everything else was fine.  My solo on Jealous Guy held promise, but I couldn't deliver.  My solo on Will it Go Round in Circles (written and performed by the fifth Beatle, Billy Preston) was also pretty bland.  Two songs with piccolo--Penny Lane and Live and Let Die!  My picc felt great.

We ended just before midnight, and I was home before 12:30 AM.  Love that!


Mark Cobb's birthday!

I think I have the songs we added in on the fly correct;  there may be something I forgot.  Anyway, another enjoyable night of music with friends.  We took another shot at Lady Madonna--a better solo, I believe, tonight.  We played Happy Birthday for Cobb, and then he did an excellent job singing and playing It Don't Come Easy.  Following that, we had our first public attempt at Band on the Run, which sounded great.  The horns only play in the transition between the second and third sections, but I did my best to help on the vocals, too.  The second set had plenty of horn stuff for us (the handclaps in Eight Days a Week on down).  My solo on Whatever Gets You Through the Night was pretty good.

Mostly, it felt like I was hanging out while my friends played a gig, taking annoying pictures and stuff.  Still fun, though, and once again I slipped out the back door and got home long before the rest of them had begun packing up.  Ahh, to be just a horn player again!

Don't forget to come see us Friday, August 23 at Park Tavern!

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